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Project Manager

Business Operations
Job Summary
Responsible for managing the company’s programs throughout all of the organizations cycles of: Pursuit, Capture, Design & Development, Build and Delivery. Work closely with the engineering, operations, finance and customer support/service teams to ensure the customer program can be executed on time with quality and within budget. Interact with customers to drive the program execution. 负责管理跟踪项目的整体进展,包括销售促进、设计开发、生产、组装、交付等。与工程部、运营部和客服团队紧密合作以确保项目的按时、按质交付。与客户保持良好沟通确保项目的有效执行。
Job Responsibility:

Weight 权重
> Responsible for the cost, schedule and technical performance for projects;

> Cross functional directing of all phases of projects from kickoff through completion;

> Work with executives responsible for the establishment of milestones and monitor adherence to master plans and schedules;

> Identify project risks and opportunities, and developed through mitigation plans and capture plans;

> Perform the regular program monitor and control, organize monthly leadership project cadence reviews;

> Plan and adjust plans to re-allocation of resources per the actual program requirements or changes;

> Lead the internal collaboration with other functional teams including engineering, operation, customer support/service, finance, quality to ensure the total program execution.

> Lead the internal collaboration with other functional teams including engineering, operation, customer support/service, finance, quality to ensure the total program execution

Weight 权重
> Work with the Contracts Manager on the customer contracts and contract changes negotiation with customers and suppliers;

> Contribute to the preparation of customer proposals, business plans, proposal work statements and specifications, operating budgets and financial terms/conditions of contract;

> Acts as a primary customer contact for the program, such as leading program review sessions with customers to discuss cost, schedule and technical performance;

> Involved with customers at different levels in the community;

> Interact with subcontractors and suppliers concerning strategic planning, team agreements, associations, on-site service, etc.

Job Skills and Attributes:
Program\project leading:
项目管理 - 丰富的项目管理经验,尤其是负责的项目管理方面
> Demonstrated experience leading a large scale customer program execution and/or in a global or Joint Venture company;
计划能力 - 在任务分析、形成安排、成本控制等方面有突出能力
> Knowledge and experience of task definition, scheduling, NRE, funding, budget control, program progress measurement;
OTD Sense:
> Make plan clearly and perceptively, Command the competence to lead a medium to large team and coordinate with other departments to make sure the implementation of plan for one time delivery
Multi-tasks managing skill:
多重项目管理的能力 - 具备丰富的经验以领导不同的内部协作团队来共同完成一个项目,且可以准确的计划并有效实施
> experienced in leading different internal teams to jointly accomplish a task and capable of giving accurate plan with fully and efficient implementation
Make things happen:
促使事情如期发生 - 有担当,推动目标按计划实现结果,坚韧不拔的克服苦难,能够迅速应对各种复杂情况并能区分任务优先顺序
> Drives hard and take charge to make things happen as planned, acting tenacious and overcomes barriers, be focuses on priorities and can handle a fast pace and complexity
Problem analysis and decision making:
分析能力与决策力 - 收集相关信息并分析问题的内在原因,并作出及时的判断, 能够在适当的时候把问题及解决方案呈现至管理层
> makes timely, sound decisions, collects information, identifies underlying causes of problems, surfaces issues and solutions to management when appropriate
Communicate Masterfully:
有效沟通 – 拥有中、英双语能力,并能够创造团队共识与互信,让团队充分融入工作;通过有效的沟通传递目标、动机以及收益以团结团队一起达成组织目标
> Bilingual ability and able to create a shared understanding and level of trust that gives personal meaning to the work. Align employees to achieve the organization's goals by communicating what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and what's in it for them.
Customer Service and Control skill:
突出的客户服务和客户管控高能力 - 善于有效的捕捉客户需求,管理客户期望并建立牢固的客户关系
> with great ability and skill to capture customer requirement, manage customer expectation and build up strong customer relationship
Flexibility and adapting to change:
灵活应对并适应变革 - 能够快速接受新思路且迅速适应变革,为变革的实现寻求方案,并以开放的心态接受新观点
> Act quickly to changes and maintains control, Looks for ways to make changes work, and open to new ideas
Basic Qualification:
> Bachelor degree in Engineering or related discipline, master's degree preferred, MBA is a plus

> Total over 7 years working experience in large-scale project management

> Holds PMP certificate is a must

> Excellent English communication skill

> Excellent Microsoft Powerpoint and Project program skills