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Service & Support Manager

Business Operations
Job Responsibility:
Service & Support to Customer Needs 为客户需求提供服务与支持
Weight 权重
> Plan proper support during the delivery, installation, test, certification, warranty periods and the entire lifecycle of the product. Normally receives little instructions on day-to-day work, general instructions on new assignments. Participates in determining objectives of assignment. Plans schedules and arranges group activities in accomplishing objectives. Cadences and generates reports for the different product sites and reviews his employee work upon completion.

> Drive proactive initiatives to improve customer satisfaction and ACCEL resolution response times.

> Trains FSEs on how to interpret customers’ needs and clarify if the responsibility for problem resolution falls under sales personnel, customer support reps, or engineers and works with appropriate department to resolve the customer need.

> Provide guidelines and process to the FSE team to provide technical support and training to customer technicians. If needed, provides customer support by diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing and debugging ACCEL delivered products including but not limited to ACCEL Full Flight Simulators.

> Conducts technical analysis/test of product implementations, modifications and enhancements to product in accordance with specific customer specifications and implementations and generates recommendations or processes accordingly.

> Identifies technical problems and issues, recommends technical solution in accordance with product and customer specifications, and recommends actions to company or customer representatives to coordinate product solution.

> Establish all relevant policies related to customer support unit.

> Provide user applications, engineering support and recommendations for new and existing equipment with regard to installation, upgrades and product improvement.

> Reports design, reliability and maintenance problems or bugs to design engineering/software engineering by raising discrepancy reports.

> Maintain working knowledge of ACCEL products by periodically interacting with the engineering and operations team during Hardware to Software Integration and testing activities providing recommendations based on the FSE department feedback.

People Management 员工管理
Weight 权重
> Lead and Manage the field service team in ACCEL as required;

> Manage the functional Performance Management; Select, develop and evaluate personnel in order to meet the talent management mindset;

> Responsible for competency building and personal development of the teams, coaches and mentors individual members;

> Responsible for the planning, implementation and realization of operational activities in the teams and responsible for the quality of the team’s output;

> Facilitate communication between FSE and ACCEL teams, such as engineering, procurement, service, operations or business as needed;

Job Skills and Attributes:
Technical Skill:
> Strong technical background with drive towards collaboration and solutions; proven technical supporting skill in simulation related environment. Ability to read and understand electrical diagrams and mechanical designs;
Product Knowledge/Features/Benefits:
产品知识 - 良好的学习能总结能力,能够帮助客户良好的使用公司的产品,以及帮助客户意识到公司产品的优秀性能
> Describes for customers the proper use of company products, as well as the benefits of their use. Good skills in learning and summarizing to generate relevant policies or procedures;
Customer Focus:
聚焦客户 - 能够了解内外部客户的需求,并通过积极承担工作责任来解决各类问题,通过提升产品性能和服务水平来满足客户需求
> Knows the need of internal/external customers and strives to meet those needs by taking personal responsibility to resolve problems and improve products and services;
Driving for Result:
结果导向 - 全力以赴推进任务的进展并为结果负责,能够迅速实施且聚焦于公司最优先且重要的项目上,能够做出艰难的决定并承担结果
> Drives hard and takes charge to produce results; Operates with speed and focuses on things that are most important and willing to make tough decisions;
Build high performance team:
组建高效团队 - 建立充满挑战的目标并能够使团队成员为之负责,创造条件和环境来使员工能够充满干劲,信守承诺并自由分享他们的想法,与其他部门之间能够保持良好融洽的合作关系
> set challenging goals and holds people accountable, create conditions where people are motivated an openly sharing their ideas and network well with other functions;
Interpersonal skill:
人际交往能力 - 展现出积极的态度和对项目的信心,是一个善于团队合作的伙伴,能够有效处理问题甚至处理冲突,能够建设性的阐述自我观点
> display a positive attitude and projects confidence, being a team player and handles problems and conflict effectively, speaks up for own point of view in a constructive manner;
Leading and Managing changes:
带领与管理变革 - 在提高业务和创造创新性环境的过程中,充当“催化剂”的作用
> act as a catalyst of change to improve the business and creates an environment where change is accepted.
Basic Qualification:
> Master degree with engineering background

> 10 years’ experience in Aviation industry, with direct simulator maintenance and installation experience
10 年以上航空业工作经验,具有模拟机维护和支持的经验优先

> In-depth understanding of simulation products is highly preferred

> Holds PMP certificate is a preferred

> Excellent English communication skill